Matteo Forni

Digital Art Direction


What i do

Digital Art Director with skills in design and prototyping in UI and UX Design.
My role in a project is to analize of the problem and develop creative solutions and interface, identifying needs and all possible strategies, for a best content management and of their graphic and visual communication.I can identify the problems, define goals, think new solutions and build original and easy user experiences.
I can build a new structure for interfaces with mockup, sketches, and multimedia prototype then define the graphic model in all his parts.

I design interfaces for websites, B2B/C web systems, CMS, interactive walls, applications,
interactive projections and other multimedia projects.
I am interested in the major digital and artistic trends, i am studying the usability and user experience with augmented reality, kinect and the virtual experience for consumers, medical applications and game (human proprioception and multi-touch UI).

How i do it


Latest work